Rev. Dr. Axel Schoeber

Axel was raised in Vancouver and attended UBC. He taught grade 5 in Lillooet, BC.

Axel studied at Regent College, with a thesis on Paul’s opponents in Colossae. He was a pastor in Baptist churches in Jasper and Calgary, Penticton, Victoria, and West Vancouver, and currently serves as an interim pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Victoria. He has worked in United and Presbyterian churches as well. His DMin was in disciplemaking. Axel completed his PhD dissertation on a little-known French Catholic bishop, Gérard Roussel, who was sympathetic to Protestant concerns during the sixteenth century but would not separate from the Catholic church. He was a professor of Supervised Ministry at Carey Theological College for 8 years, teaching all his courses online. He has taught in Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, and the Vancouver School of Theology (Reformation History). In addition, Axel coached youth soccer at the provincial level for 4 years.

Curious students are a joy of his—almost as much as his 5 grandchildren! Axel looks forward to examining the dynamic story of the church in the ancient and early medieval period to ask ourselves what we can learn about life and faith in the twenty-first century.

BEd (Elem), Dip. Christian Studies, MDiv, ThM, DMin, MA (History), PhD (History)

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