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Advanced Research Skills Modules


Part I: SMC students take 5 advanced modules, including at least: Module 3: Library Research for a Thesis; Module 4: Advanced research and writing skills.

Advanced Module 1: Human Research I: Introduction

A survey of the kinds of research done with human subjects and introduction to the need for ethical guidelines in human research.

Advanced Module 2: Human Research II: Advanced

This more advanced workshop on research with human subjects provides more depth about the strategies used in research and the best uses for each type of research strategy.

Advanced Module 3: Library Research for a Thesis

This module on thesis writing outlines the steps required in the process of organizing a research plan, from sourcing primary and secondary resources, to thesis organization to the thesis statement.

Advanced Module 4: Advanced Research and Writing Skills

Advanced Module 5: Research Methods in Theology

This module is offered as a part of the January intensive modules for the respective research methods courses and requirements at the 3 schools.

Advanced Module 6: Research Methods in Biblical Studies

Advanced Module 7: Research Methods in History

Advanced Module 8: Research Methods in Indigenous Studies

Advanced Module 9: Educational Leadership

Advanced Module 10: Asian Canadian Studies

Part II: Students work with a ‘professor of record’ to do bibliographical work arising from these modules




Fall 2019


St. Mark's College




This tuition applies to domestic full-time students. Tuitions for international, senior, and auditing students may vary.