CALR 510Leadership and Aims of Catholic Education1
CALR 520Leadership and Administration in Catholic Schools1
CALR 521Catholic Educational Institution1
CALR 526Curriculum, Assessment & Evaluation in Catholic Schools2
CALR 528Current Issues in Catholic Education1
CALR 602Capstone Experience: A Directed Graduating Project2
COMPREComprehensive Examinations6
EDLR 510Assessment and Evaluation in Education3
EDLR 520Leadership in Education2
EDLR 525Educational Institution as an Organization3
EDLR 530Current Issues in Education3
EDLR 560Curriculum and Instructional Leadership2
EDLR 602Capstone Experience: A Directed Graduating Project11
EDUC 410Religion in Curriculum and Life of the School1
EDUC 420History of Catholic Education in Canada2
EDUC 430The Catholic School Teacher: Pre-Practicum Experience1
ENGL 312History of the English Language1
ENGL 316Chaucer, Pilgrimage, and the Medieval Church1
ENGL 415Children's Literature after 19001
ENGL 417Contemporary Canadian Aboriginal Literature1