HIST 330History of Early Christian Thought1
HIST 401Modern East Asia3
HIST 405History of the Church3
HIST 420Topics in Canadian History: Indigenous-Settler Relations in 17th- 21st Century Canada1
HIST 425Church History3
HIST 505History of the Church7
HIST 581Augustine and Culture1
MFST 400Reading Film: A Christian Perspective2
MFST 500Reading Film: A Christian Perspective3
MTHDBasic Research Skills Modules10
MTHD 400Methods in Study and Research I3
MTHD 401Methods in Study and Research II2
MTHD 402Methods in Study and Research III2
MTHDCHow to Write Papers2
MTHDDLibrary Web Resources for Ministry and Leadership2
NTC BST 400iOld Testament1
NTC CSA 573RTheory and Praxis in Catholic School Administration1
NTC REL 4451Theology/Religious Educators1
NTC STP 573SChristian Religious Education1
PAST 400An Introduction to Pastoral Counseling2