RLED 420Organizational Leadership2
RLED 500Curriculum & Instruction in Religious Education8
RLED 510Philosophy of Catholic Education8
RLED 512Catechetics3
RLED 514Theories of Religious Development1
RLED 520Organizational Leadership4
RLED 600Field Based Learning/ Reflection Seminar14
RLED 602Directed Research Project7
RMTD 500Research Methods5
RMTHDAdvanced Research Skills Modules5
SCRI 400Introduction to the Old Testament7
SCRI 410Introduction to the New Testament9
SCRI 415Gospel of John1
SCRI 422Acts of the Apostles1
SCRI 423Letters of St. Paul1
SCRI 434Becoming Fully Human (Gen. 1 - 11)1
SCRI 435Abraham & Sara (Gen. 12:1 - 25:11)1
SCRI 500Introduction to the Old Testament12
SCRI 505Introduction to Scripture6
SCRI 510Introduction to the New Testament14