SCRI 534Becoming Fully Human (Gen. 1-11)1
SCRI 535Abraham & Sara (Gen. 12:1 - 25:11)1
SMC CE 400Ignation Spirituality: Discovering Christ's Call to Contemplation and ActionN1
SPIR 401Introduction to Spirituality5
SPIR 407Julian of Norwich1
SPIR 471Thomas Merton & Contemplation1
SPIR 481Selected Topics in Spirituality1
SPIR 501Introduction to Spirituality6
SPIR 507Julian of Norwich1
SPIR 537Leadership and Spirituality2
SPIR 542Spiritual Traditions in Christianity1
SPIR 571Thomas Merton & Contemplation1
SPIR 581Selected Topics in Spirituality1
THEO 321The Prophets in The Hebrew Bible, Ancient Near East, and Today3
THEO 401Foundations of Theology9
THEO 402God, Christ, Church5
THEO 405Liturgy and the Sacramental Life1
THEO 410Christology & Trinity7
THEO 420The Church4
THEO 423Selected Topics in Catholic Social Teaching1