PAST 500Introduction to Pastoral Counseling5
PAST 501Pastoral ministry : the other3
PAST 502Preaching and Liturgical Celebrations3
PAST 535Lay Ministry: Issues - Challenges - Growth1
PAST 538RCIA: Renewing the People of God2
PAST 542Grief and Bereavement1
PAST 579Catechesis for Adults1
PAST 600Field Based Learning/ Reflection Seminar4
PHIL 204Introduction to Christian Philosophy1
PHIL 290Philosophical Themes of Catholic Theology2
PHIL 291Thomistic Philosophy4
PHIL 401Philosophical Themes of Catholic Theology1
PHIL 501Philosophical Themes of Catholic Theology2
PTAM500Introduction to Pastoral Counseling1
RLED 400Curriculum & Instruction in Religious Education4
RLED 410Philosophy of Catholic Education4
RLED 414Theories of Religious Development1
RLED 420Organizational Leadership2
RLED 500Curriculum & Instruction in Religious Education8
RLED 510Philosophy of Catholic Education8