Latest Faculty Accomplishments

Recent Publications:

Dr. Paul Burns , A Model for the Christian Life: Hilary of Poitiers’ Commentary on the Psalms (Washington: Catholic University of America, 2012)

Dr. Shawn Flynn "The Teraphim in Light of Mesopotamian and Egyptian Evidence.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly (2012): 694-711.

Dr. Shawn Flynn“Inescapable Perspective and David’s Sin in 2 Samuel 11-12.” Irish Theological Quarterly 77.3 (2012): 182-196.

Dr. Shawn Flynn“Beatrice Laura Goff,” in Biographical History of Women Biblical Interpreters. Edited by Marion Taylor; Baker Academic Press, 2012.

Dr. Shawn Flynn Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture: A Handbook for Students. Edited by Mary Ann Beavis and Michael Gilmour; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2012. Ten entries: (Yahweh; Egypt; Sun; Baal; Pharaoh; Seth; Mt. Carmel; Eye for an Eye; Sinai; Shiloh)

Faculty profiles

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Paul Burns, Ph.D.

Church History & Early Christian Thought

John Bevacqua, M.Ed.

Educational Leadership

Emil Canlas, Ph.D.

Educational Leadership & Religous Education

Adrienne Castellon, Ed.D.

Educational Leadership

Lora Clarke, M.Ed.

Educational Leadership

Frank Dragojevich, M.A.

Educational Leadership

Shawn Flynn, Ph.D.

Religious Studies

Rev. Gary Franken, STL

Systematic Theology & Spirituality

Patrick Gillespie, M.A.


Rev. John Horgan, STL

Theology & Morality

David Klassen, Ph.D.


Sr. Anne Frances Ai Le, OP, Ph.D.


Ross Lockhart, Ph.D.

Homiletics & Mission Leadership

Shelley MacDonell, M.A.

Religious Education

Les McKeown, Ph.D.

Theology & Christology

Rev. Martin Moser, OMI, STL

Systemic Theology, Pastoral Studies & Ecumenism

Margherita Oberti, Ph.D.

Classical Philosophy

Rev. Augustine Obiwumma, M.A.

Theology & Sacraments

Gabriel Pillay, M.A., M.Ed.,M.A.

Educational Leadership

Rose Pillay, M.Ed.

Educational Leadership

Nicole Regush, M.A., M.Ed.

Educational Leadership

Pavel Reid, M.T.S., M.Div

Theology & Ministry

Lynda Robitaille, JCD

Canon Law

Brett Salkeld, Ph.D.


Rev. Gregory Smith, PH, JCD

Canon Law