Faculty profiles

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Dr. Paul Burns

Church History & Early Christian Thought

Rev. Rob Allore, SJ, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Kevin Beliveau


John Bevacqua, M.Ed.

Educational Leadership

Dr. Emil Canlas

Educational Leadership & Religous Education

Sister Angela Marie Castellani, FSE


Dr. Adrienne Castellon

Educational Leadership

Lora Clarke, M.Ed.

Educational Leadership

Frank Dragojevich, M.A.

Educational Leadership

Dr. Shawn Flynn

Religious Studies

Rev. Gary Franken, STL

Systematic Theology & Spirituality

Patrick Gillespie


Dr. Jacqueline Gresko


Dr. Jessica Hemming


Rev. John Horgan, STL

Theology & Morality

Dr. David Klassen


Dr. Jeffrey Lannan


Sr. Anne Frances Ai Le, OP, Ph.D.

Theology & Philosophy

Rev. Ross Lockhart, PhD

Homiletics & Mission Leadership

Shelley MacDonell, M.A.

Religious Education

Dr. Germain McKenzie


Dr. Les McKeown

Theology & Christology

Rev. Martin Moser, OMI, STL

Systemic Theology, Pastoral Studies & Ecumenism

Dr. Margherita Oberti

Classical Philosophy

Rev. Augustine Obiwumma, M.A.

Theology & Sacraments

Dr. Jamie Paris


Gabriel Pillay, M.A., M.Ed.,M.A.

Educational Leadership

Rose Pillay, M.Ed.

Educational Leadership

Dr. Christophe Potworowski

Scripture & Theology

Nicole Regush, M.A., M.Ed.

Educational Leadership

Pavel Reid, M.T.S., M.Div

Theology & Ministry

Dr. Lynda Robitaille

Canon Law

Sister Carolyn Roeber, OP, Ph.D.

Moral Theology

Dr. Brett Salkeld


Rev. Gregory Smith, PH, JCD

Canon Law

Sister Gabriella Yi, PhD, OP


Christine Younghusband

Catholic Educational Leadership