THEO 429Theological Vision of Pope Benedict XVI1
THEO 430Christian Morality7
THEO 440Liturgy and Sacraments6
THEO 451Biblical Studies1
THEO 460Christian Anthropology2
THEO 470Canon Law for Ministry4
THEO 473What Every Catholic Should Know About Canon Law1
THEO 481Foundations of an Ecological Theology1
THEO 501Foundations of Theology18
THEO 510Christology & Trinity13
THEO 520The Church9
THEO 522Catholic Social Teachings8
THEO 523Selected Topics in Catholic Social Teaching1
THEO 525Theology of Ministry2
THEO 529Theological Vision of Pope Benedict XVI1
THEO 530Christian Morality16
THEO 540Liturgy and Sacraments14
THEO 549Directed Studies: Sacraments1
THEO 551Ecclesiology of Vatican II2
THEO 560Christian Anthropology8