THEO 561Eschatology1
THEO 562Augustine as Pastor1
THEO 570Canon Law for Ministry8
THEO 573What Every Catholic Should Know About Canon Law1
THEO 581Foundations of an Ecological Theology1
THEO 600Field Based Learning/ Reflection Seminar4
THEO 602Directed Research Project18
THESISThesis Writing16
TUCS-NEWT 0526Elective1
TWU EDUC 622Leadership in Educational Organization1
TWU EDUC 623Developing Educational Programs1
TWU EDUC 624Instructional Leadership & Supervision1
TWU EDUC 625Instructional Leadership & Dynamics of Change1
TWU EDUC 626Legal, Political & Social Contextx1
TWU MTS 803Research Writing1
TWU-EDUC 514Elective: Assessing Students with Learning Needs1
TWU-EDUC 517Elective: Diverse Emotional and Behavioural Needs1
UDRPS 6314Church History1
UDRPS 6321Old Testament1
VST CPEClinical Pastoral Education: First Basic Unit Extended1