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God, Christ, Church


This course is designed to provide students interested in teaching in the Catholic Schools with a basic introduction to several central themes of Catholic belief and practice. Emphasis will be given to the relationships between the themes and their relevance for Catholic in contemporary society.

The course will begin by investigating the roles of faith and reason in belief in God. It will be attentive to the relationship between belief, knowledge and doubt. It will then look carefully at the specifically Christian claims about what and who God is, with the attention to popular ideas about what the word "God" means and to the relationship between God of the philosophers and the God of revelation. The next step will be to look at Christian claims about God's revelation in Jesus of Nazareth whom Christians recognize as the Messiah of Israel, the Christ. Finally the course will investigate the community Christ founded, the Church, and its relationship to him and his mission. Special attention will be given to the rituals Jesus instituted which structure and define that community, the sacraments.




Fall 2018


Dr. Nicholas Olkovich

  • Tuesdays, 13:30 to 14:50, West Campus Rm 302
  • Thursdays, 13:30 to 14:50, West Campus Rm 302

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THEO 402
THEO 402